As the subtitle says, this blog is intended as a taggable, searchable, browseable, followable list of libraries and librarian-ishes on tumblr. The idea for this blog grew from the book Everything is Miscellaneous by David Weinberger, which talks at length about the effects of our current “information deluge” and the constraints on physical space that digital space does not necessarily share.

Since reading it, my brain has been fairly percolating with ideas about the ways of organizing and finding information that digital space makes possible, and one of these ideas was to more fully utilize tumblr’s architecture to create a user-sourced, interactive pile of metadata pertaining to each tumblarian’s blog.

By throwing tumblarian blogs into a pile and enabling sifting through the selection of tags, interested parties can dynamically construct a list based on various facets. As well, the work of collecting and categorizing tumblarian blogs can be spread among several people since sideblogs allow for multiple authors. Also, more of the responsibility for creating the list lies with parties besides the curators: inductees provide their links and usernames, tumblr’s software provides the formatting, and all the curators have to do is vet the submitters’ blogs, add any tags desired by the submitters, and hit publish.

Allowing for tagging means more ways to interact with the list: alphabetization presupposes that one knows what one is looking for, but suppose that someone who identifies with a particular interest or label wants to find librarian-ishes of a similar kind? Aspiring librarians wondering about a specific library school can find, say, Rutgers alums by browsing the Rutgers tag, people interested in GLBTQ* issues can join together, and current LIS students can more easily link up, all by searching the tags. If people want to just browse, click through, and follow whoever strikes their fancy, they can do that too.

A tumblarian bloglist can be followed, so people will be notified in increments as new tumblarians come into the community, and the reverse-chronological blog order will be a help to people who want to check up on tumblarians they might have missed seeing since they last read the list.

So, here it is: an experiment in a crowd-sourced, user-generated tagging system, published with a go-ahead from the proprietor of the original list. I may tweak the HTML a little bit, and if anyone can point me in the direction of themes with tag clouds or script add-ins that would be great, but I think we’re functionally open for business. You can submit yourself here. Let’s make it happen!

- librarean

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